Gelato like you never tasted before


REŸS was born from a summer dream

In a dream, I saw myself serving gelato with the conviction that it was my job. Two nights later, a new dream: the word “REŸS” appears and a voice says “that’s the name of the gelato”.

These 2 dreams took place in July 2020, during my vacation. In August, I went to Tuscany to learn the art of Natural Gelato from an Italian Gelato Master, then I created REŸS.

Attentive staff who perfectly explain the products offered, a great discovery and flavors that take you on a journey. Bravo to the chef for giving us a part of the dream by tasting eternal ice creams.

- Busca GIAM

Great place to eat good artisanal gelato with a lot of choice. For my part, I had the Indian Wedding 🍦 a treat. Very friendly staff.

- Samir HERSI

Our Customers Are Fantastic

We loved the different flavors offered which are indeed original! Associations that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s definitely a beautiful trip.

- Dani LEE

REŸS is an ice cream paradise that truly stands out in Paris, and perhaps even in the world. Having traveled extensively, I can say with certainty that they serve the best gelato I have ever tasted